Pacer Training
PACER Training

Are you impacted by COVID-19? Feeling stressed, experiencing anxiety? Want to improve your psychological flexibility and enhance your resilience in the face of the pandemic?

Pandemic Acceptance and Commitment to Empowerment Response (PACER) Training is a mindfulness and social justice-based group training, consisting of six interactive online learning modules and six corresponding weekly group video-conferences. Conducted in English, Mandarin or Cantonese, PACER is open to health care service providers, or eligible Asian community members."

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What's New
COVID - 19

Sharing some of our latest statistics and news related to COVID19 impacting our communities. Click to read more.

mental health
Mental Health Resources on Dealing with Pandemic

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Partner Showcase
Community Partners’ Showcase

PROTECH highlights the work of our community partners’ who
are providing vital services during the pandemic to various members of the Chinese and Asian Canadian communities. Check out our YouTube Channel to watch the episodes we release every Tuesday.

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Resiliency Dialogues
Resiliency Dialogues

PROTECH offers live-stream of the “Resiliency Dialogues Workshop Series” where we invite members from the community to engage in discussions that unpack the impacts of racism and various forms of discrimination during this pandemic. We also create a space to discuss strategies that can support our community members’ resilient response.

Watch our live-stream! Click here for more details and upcoming scheduled workshops.

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